They say that success is best when shared. That’s why we have decided to celebrate the opening of the Mona Plaza hotel with colleagues from our company! In our new hotel, on December 16th the employees from Belgrade, Zlatibor and Javor have gathered to participate in the MHM annual conference.

This is an event that we are organizing for the second year in a row for our employees within the Mona Hotel Management Group. Last year, the conference was held in Zlatibor, and this year we had decided to have a big gathering at the Mona Plaza – the latest Belgrade hotel.

Colleagues from the Zlatibor Mona, Argo and Javor hotels met the team of Hotel Mona Plaza and had the opportunity to be their first guests. The conference program lasted from morning till dark and covered everything!
In the beginning, the guests were addressed and welcomed by the director of the board of Mona Hotel Management Tomislav Momirović, the general manager of the company Ivan Vitorović and the director of the Mona Plaza Hotel Dejan Pejčinović. This was followed by a panel on corporate values, in which the directors of all our hotels participated, followed by workshops organized by colleagues in the food and beverage, household and marketing sectors. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to define the brand concept and to recall the brands that marked many childhoods, learn how to arrange a room before a guest arrives, make the most popular cocktails and have fun decorating New Year’s cookies. The time between panels and workshops was filled with a rich lunch prepared by the talented team of chefs at the Mona Plaza Hotel, as well as entertainment in the must-see Game Room.

The evening was reserved for awards to jubilees and colleagues who, with their dedication and effort, deserved special recognition, followed by a party! We played, sang, celebrated our achievements and looked forward to our future success! The next day we gathered our impressions, enjoyed a delicious breakfast, said our goodbyes and slowly returned to our daily work tasks.

The Second MHM Annual Conference confirmed that success is best when we have someone to share it with. Thanks to all the colleagues who were part of this great event for us. We are fortunate that our team is made up of such valuable and dedicated people. We look forward to new gatherings, gatherings, endeavors and successes!