As one of the most important foundations of our business, we always give our employees special care and attention. A pleasant work environment, collegiality and team sprit are inevitable part of our everyday business life. With focus towards relations of respect and cooperation, we also foster the practice of investing into our employees, who can constantly improve, educate and advance by adopting new skills and knowledge.

We think that young and ambitious people should be given a chance to improve and work on themselves which is why we’ve been organizing numerous practice programs for years. From that initiative came also the possibility for many apprentices to start their careers right here, in our company. Therefore, our doors are always open to anyone who is at the beginning of their professional development or has yet to familiarize with business environment.

In cooperation with schools that use dual-education programs, we enable high school students to acquire their first professional skills and practical knowledge in our hotels throughout innovative and modern way of “learning by doing”.

Besides the opportunity to test themselves through a practice program, we also provided scholarships to the young. If high schools students or students show interest in further education and career development at our company during the practice, they have opportunity to become our scholarship recipients. During our studies we provide financial support, numerous advice and assistance in overcoming the first “student troubles”, and upon graduation we provide a job position for which they have perfected or expressed interest in us.

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