Mona Plaza Zlatibor****

Hotel Mona Plaza is located in the very heart of Zlatibor, surrounded by lush pine trees, only 5 minutes walking distance from the lake. Nearby, there is a promenade with all the activities geared towards fun and relaxation.

It was purchased in 2004, and in 2006 the first investment was made when a new a la carte restaurant Perun, a congress hall and a renovated part of the hotel were built, categorizing the facility with 3*.

The first complete investment came in 2007 when the entire hotel was renovated and amenities such as a wellness center, a modern bar, a restaurant and a playroom for children were added. The total value of the investment was EUR 4 million. The next investment came in 2012 when the old part of the hotel was renovated (due to a high average occupancy rate of 75% annually), and a new part of the hotel was added with the multifunctional Koledo Convention Center and 30 new rooms. The total investment was EUR 5 million.

Today the hotel has 120 accommodation units equipped with modern amenities and air conditioning, which is categorized with 4 * and staffed by 120 employees.

During 2020, a complete rebranding and renovation of the Zlatibor Mona Hotel are planned. Namely, after the renovation, it is planned to become part of the Mona Plaza brand, whose first establishment will be the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, which opens in early December 2019.

In 2022, the hotel becomes part of the Mona Plaza brand hotel chain and enters a new era of business.


Address: Miladina Pećinara 26, Zlatibor
Tel: +381 31 841 021