Opening of Mona Plaza Hotel

In the city core, in lower Dorćol, the construction of a 4* hotel is underway, which will also have quality content intended for Belgrade citizens, as well as guests, besides the hotel accommodation part. One of the most important attractions of the hotel is the building of the first Serbian chocolate factory “Šonda” on which the hotel is being built. The building will be restored and preserved in its original form, as well as adapted into a hotel cafeteria and a pastry shop where our chocolate treats will be served under the brand name “Šonda”. – The hotel will cover 20,000 m2, will be categorized with 4* and will have 170 accommodation units, multifunctional exhibition and conference space of over 2000 m2, restaurant and bar, garage, as well as a spa and fitness center. – The construction started in 2017 and its completion is expected in early December 2019.

Rebranding the Zlatibor Mona Hotel

In 2020, a complete rebranding and renovation of the Zlatibor Mona Hotel is planned. – Namely, after the renovation, it is planned to become part of the Mona Plaza brand, whose first hotel will be the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, which opens in early December 2019.

Expanding the capacities of the Javor Hotel

The existing facility at Javor is scheduled for expansion and raising the level of service to 3 *, which, in addition to larger accommodations, will provide new facilities such as a mini spa, a larger playroom for children and new seminar rooms. – Particular emphasis in the preliminary design was placed on the healing part, which makes this mountain very famous (treatment of anemia, diseases of the respiratory organs), in addition to the status of a spa site. The planned start of the hotel upgrade is in 2021.

Construction of Sirogojno complex

Near the center of the tourist settlement Zlatibor, in the most famous village – the resort of Sirogojno in this area, the construction of an ethnic village of Western Serbia from the beginning of the 20th century is planned. – The complex will be spread over 5ha, and in addition to the accommodation, it will also have recreational educational facilities such as restaurants, educational workshops, sports fields. – The start of construction is planned to start in 2021.