Social responsibility

The local community, tradition and authentic products of our region take a prominent place in our business. That’s why we try to encourage the development of the local community and to preserve the tradition and customs of our region through numerous activities.

Many of our suppliers are local businesses, and we try to hire people from the local community. We also offer fair payment terms and business cooperation to our suppliers.

“Slow food” concept that we nurture at “a la carte” restaurant Perun, within the Zlatibor Mona hotel, contributes to the development of local producers and strengthens the relations with local gastronomic offerings and the manner it is presented in restaurants. The concept involves the preparation of national cuisine specialties by using exclusively fresh and natural products from local producers, with traditional recipes packed up in a modern way.

We organize events that aim to promote traditional products of this region, as well as encourage small and large producers of authentic products.

We pay special attention to donations, sponsorships and assisting socially disadvantaged groups, and we have also signed the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Driven by the awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, we pay special attention to conducting practices in our hotels that encourage it. Through numerous activities in this field, we’re trying to reduce or eliminate the negative consequences that our business could have on the world around us. We also invest considerable effort and resources into activities that can produce positive effects. We strive to develop environmental awareness in our employees, our guests, and the local community as well.

We hope that our example will encourage many companies to follow the same path and that we will work together on saving our environment. In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, we realize numerous activities in this area, and also apply many “green practices” and constantly strive towards their increase and development.


Employees are one of the most significant links in our business. It’s very important for us to keep our employees happy and that’s why we made an effort to provide them with the best possible working conditions, as well as various programs they can use.

Above all, we take care of our employees’ rights, their professional and personal development, employment of youth, paid and unpaid internship programs, as well as workplace safety and health.


We want the guests to feel like they’re home when they’re in the hotel and we try to provide them with all the facilities needed for the most enjoyable stay. Our staff is always at our guests’ disposal and tries their best to always meet their needs.

All guests have the opportunity to rate the service of the hotel. We also take great care of the health and safety of our visitors.

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